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User experience research, usability and design are based on empathy, evangelizing, analytics and technology that engages users in meaningful ways.  

User Experience Research and Design


Align Technology ' Invisalign Braces'

UX and UI Presentations and Methods:

What is Interaction Design
What is User Experience Design

Example - UX Research Personas

Example - UX Research Test Results

Example - UX Research Participants

Example - Scorecard

Qualitative & Quantitative Research Methods:

One-on-one usability Interviews

Ethnographic research

Case study research

Process of observation

Qualitative research - based on collective data that can be statistically analyzed

Survey development and design

Quantitative research - based on collective data that is observed

Focus Groups

Task Analysis

A / B Testing


Heat Maps


Journey Maps


Visual Designs

Seagate Technology Enterprise B2C and B2B Projects

Seagate Technology Mobile Screen Examples

Align Technology "Invisalign Braces"

Wells Fargo Mobile Applications & Dashboards

Tableau Screen Examples

Salesforce UI / UX Design & Research

Align Technology / InvisAlign Braces