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 I am an ever evolving learning human being

 "My portfolio is always a work in progress!"

To understand and envision what’s next for our world we need to continually research and study the strategy, creativity and new technology.   User experiences are based on empathy, analytics and the right technology to engage users in meaningful ways.  Just like users/customers, no single project is alike! I specialize in research, design, usability and strategy.


Align Technology ' Invisalign Braces'

UX and UI Presentations and Methods:

What is Interaction Design
What is User Experience Design

Example - UX Research Personas

Example - UX Research Test Results

Example - UX Research Participants

Example - Score Card

Qualitative & Quantitative Research Methods:

One-on-one usability Interviews

Ethnographic research

Case study research

Process of observation

Qualitative data collection

Focus Groups

Task Analysis

A / B Testing


Heat Maps


Journey Maps


Product Designs

Seagate Technology Enterprise B2C and B2B Projects

Seagate Technology Mobile Screen Examples

Align Technology "Invisalign Braces"

Tableau Screen Examples

Salesforce UI / UX Design & Research

Wells Fargo Mobile Applications & Dashboards


Align Technology / InvisAlign Braces